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bradley hull

I came to photography by way of my first passion, theatrical lighting design.  Needing to document my designs to create a portfolio, the camera became my tool for securing future work.  As a lighting designer, I spent much time learning how to "see" light. Light became my medium as I used it to shape and model people and objects.  As I studied photography and the camera, I was pleased to find how the worlds of lighting design and photography related to one another. Capturing light with my camera required a keen understanding of how light behaves, feels, and exists in our world.

Later in my lighting career, I became acquainted with the architect.  This fellow artist, kin to the scenic designer, shares a  vocabulary with me that is rooted in light, shape, and composition.  As a theatrical lighting designer, architectural photography became a perfect segue for me as there is very little difference between creating a "scene" on stage or a capturing  a "scene" in a building.

When I'm not messing around with this lighting/photography stuff, I can be found running around with my family.  Our high school kids are very active in scouts, band, theatre, choir, and dance.  We love experiencing the great outdoors together. Especially, when it take us to one our National Parks.  We've been to 32 as a family!


And yeah, I don't go anywhere without my damn camera.

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